The Animal Party called on the veterinary services and the minister of agriculture on Wednesday to look into a case involving the use of a live horse as a prop for a theatrical play, during which the animal showed clear signs of stress.

Party leader Kyriakos Kyriakou told the Cyprus Mail that if assurances that the horse will be removed from the play are not received by early afternoon on Wednesday, the party will hold a demonstration.

According to the party announcement, the horse appeared on stage for around 15 minutes, and “tried to escape from the hands of its tamer and from a second actor who was painting its body.”

Kyriakou said that for the purposes of the play, actors paint over the horse, wash the paint off with water at the end of the play, only to repeat the process during the next performance.

The party called on the veterinary services to investigate the case, and to see to the immediate removal of the horse from the play in question, if the act is indeed against the law.

The party did not rule out the possibility that the guardian of the horse was authorised by the veterinary services to use the horse in the play.

The party announcement posed a series of questions, such as whether the horse was taken from the stall of the racing track, in which case it did not have the relevant training for such public appearances.

It also questioned whether a veterinarian was present during the show to ensure the safety of both the horse and the audience, and whether the organisers of the play had taken all necessary measures to protect the horse and the audience.


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