The Association of Cypriot Archaeologists on Wednesday joined the movement opposing the archbishop’s decision to convert the Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion into a Byzantine museum.

In a written statement, the archaeologists said the decision raised serious concerns over the handling of the historic monument, which is currently an Ethnological museum.

They said that the conversion of the mansion leads to the destruction of the monument’s historic value and the loss of historic memory.

The statement said the Archbishop disregarded the fact that part of the monument is owned by the Republic of Cyprus and the decision for its use will have to be discussed with the relevant ministry.

Archbishop Chrysostomos announced plans of converting the Ethnological Museum into a byzantine museum in a statement.

The decision has received widespread criticism from political parties, tourist guides, and the public during the past week.

A petition to preserve the mansion has been circulating on Facebook where the public has expressed their disagreement on the archbishop’s latest action.




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