The civil defence has released a video highlighting the areas most at risk of flooding and the counter measures the public can take.

The interactive flood maps have been prepared by the water development department.

Flooding is one of the dangers facing Cyprus, the civil defence warned, and will become more frequent and severe due to the climate crisis.

Residents should check the interactive flood risk maps online to find out if their land and property are in a high flood risk area, the announcement said. Such areas are usually near rivers.

In addition, the civil defence department is assisting efforts by the fire service and other government services to address the consequences of flooding.

It also launched a two-week nationwide campaign on flood-risk management at the end of October last year, before the heavy rains of this winter.

As part of the EU directive on risk assessment and management, the water development department prepared a flood management plan 2016-2021, a monitoring plan and an organisational plan.

Proposed measures which have been identified are early warning, anti-flooding works, controlled flooding of selected areas, restoration of riverbeds to improve retainment capacity, sustainable rainwater management, the preparation of flood management plans and informing the public about self-protection measures.

More information can be found on the civil defence website