Any Cypriot citizen stuck abroad and wishing to be repatriated can now apply through the portal, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

They will now be able to file a request on the platform, even if they do not meet the previously announced criteria for repatriation, the ministry announcement said.

But the ministry warned that although all Cypriots wishing to be repatriated can now apply through the platform, the timing of the repatriation is at the discretion of the government and will depend on circumstances.

No mention was made of whether permanent residents of Cyprus could also apply.

Currently to be repatriated, individuals must obtain clearance from recognised medical institutions abroad or Cyprus’ diplomatic mission if they travelled for health reasons, and diplomatic notes if they had originally only travelled for a few days.

Anyone arriving in Cyprus will still have to be kept in a 14-day quarantine, as per the current regulations.

The only exception to the quarantine is for individuals who travelled for medical reasons. Those individuals will remain in self-isolation for 14-days, to receive their treatments.

All individuals arriving from abroad will be tested for the virus, the ministry said.


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