Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis on Thursday announced that the cabinet has approved emergency aid of €50,000 to animal welfare organisations to help them buy food for stray dogs and cats while restrictions in movement are in place.

According to the minister, this is in recognition of the important role played by animal welfare organisations and volunteers.

“Due to the extraordinary restrictive measures against the spread of coronavirus, animal organisations face unforeseen difficulties in caring for stray animals,” the minister said.

He added that the measures have affected how animal welfare organisations raise funds for their work and have significantly reduced the number of adoptions, especially from abroad.

At the same time, with the increase in the number of animals that remain in shelters and stray animals in need of care, the costs of animal welfare organisations are also increasing, he said.

The additional €50,000 grant to animal welfare organisations is to subsidise the purchase of food.

Kadis said that the veterinary services will invite the shelters within the coming days to apply for a subsidy.

He also stressed that the veterinary services is already provide certifications to enable animal welfare groups to be outside despite the restriction on movement so that they can continue “the strenuous work of caring for stray animals, whether they are in shelters, or in public places.”



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