The Pancyprian Footballers Association (Pasp), the union representing players, said on Monday that footballers are currently facing financial difficulties, as most of them have either been paid less than agreed or they been paid at all since February.

According to Pasp, players have been expressing their concern to the union and have urged the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) to make a decision regarding the possible resumption of the football league to clarify the situation.

“We are very concerned about the whole issue and we have already expressed our disappointment to the president of the CFA Giorgos Koumas in several emails we sent,” the statement said.

“Footballers are facing increasing difficulties and the postponement of a final decision is simply bringing them to their knees.

The union warned that foreign players were in particular difficulties.

“They cannot wait any longer and, should the situation continue as it is, they will be forced to leave the country in order to look for employment somewhere else.”

Pasp said that, although the players are training every day, they were told by the CFA that they will only be paid according to the number of games completed.

“How do they expect them to survive when they haven’t received their salaries for months?

“The players are trapped here because most of the teams did not allow them to leave the country in time and now they cannot do so.

“Pasp is urgently calling for a solution, otherwise the players will simply stop training.”

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