“Joker” arrives in theaters this weekend following weeks of polarizing festival reviews and a pre-release backlash that included fears the film may inspire violence. But despite all that, the film is set to break the opening weekend record for October.

So if such fears have scared off any moviegoers, it doesn’t appear to be enough to hurt the film’s take at the box office. Though the film’s critical reception has cooled considerably since it garnered a lengthy standing ovation in Venice, moviegoers are still showing up in droves to see what this thing is all about.

So “Joker” is sure to be a hit, but how big of a hit will it be? Could it reach the level of “Logan,” which grossed $226 million domestic and $619 million worldwide? That will depend on whether the popular response to the film falls on the side of the Venice Film Festival attendees who gave the film a standing ovation and the Golden Lion or with the critics who saw the movie more recently.

Anyway, the question you came here for an answer to is whether “Joker” has any bonus content during or after the credits, following the trend of post- and mid-credits scenes that have become just about ubiquitous in movies based on comic books, with even DC films joining the trend in recent years.

So does the latest DC movie contain either a mid-credits or post-credits scene?

Unfortunately for DC fans hoping for any extra content after the credits have stopped rolling, “Joker” has no post-credits or mid-credits scene. Once the credits begin, the movie has ended, and there are no extra scenes or any other type of content to experience.

We do, of course, encourage filmgoers to stick around for the credits anyway in appreciation for all the hard work that brought the movie you just experienced to life, but if you need to get out of the theater for whatever reason, it’s safe to do so once the credits start.

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