Nearly 10,000 Cypriots have registered for the right to remain in the United Kingdom after Brexit, according to the data provided by the UK Home Office.

By the end of December 2019, the total number of Cypriots registered for the right to remain was 9,700. In that month alone a total of 800 applications were received from Cypriots.

The month with the most applications was October 2019, with a total of 2,400 applications from Cypriots, due to speculation at the time of a no-deal Brexit.

Nationals of EU member states living in the United Kingdom or who will have settled in the country before December 31, 2020 may apply to secure their residence and other rights.

The deadline for applying is the end of June 2021.

Those Europeans who have completed five years of residence in the United Kingdom are entitled to be ‘established’, while those who have lived in the country for less than five years are designated ‘pre-established’ and allowed to stay for five years and upgrade their immigration status.


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