It’s definitely the season for making an exhibition of – if not oneself – then anything to hand. A couple of weeks ago we had the Boyz Stuff exhibition (for the fast, furious, and financially fortunate). And we’ve got the Chocolate Factory starting next month at the State Fair. But this week, it’s the world of illusion that’s bringing the magic, with the 3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition.

Brought to us by Moonlight Show Productions and Infunction Services, the interactive exhibition takes place at Madisons, Nicosia, and promises to be a thrilling ride for the Instagram generation. “Walk into our living three-dimensional world and be the main actor in our fantasy stories!” organisers suggest. “Fight with dinosaurs, walk on the moon, modify Mona Lisa’s make-up, and see a little boy become a giant, turning into a Ninja warrior…”

“We’ve never had an illusion exhibition in Cyprus before,” says Helen Katsamba, CEO of Moonlight Show Productions. “We’d like to give the people a chance to visit this sort of exhibition,” Helen adds; “it’s going to be the very first of its kind on the island!”

A fully interactive art exhibition with up to ‘50 interact points’ (exhibits, we’re assuming), 3D Doubt Your Eyes combines “3D hand-paintings, illusion scenes and special rooms” in a “fully interactive art exhibition that’s artistic, educational and entertaining. It truly is a three-dimensional extravaganza,” Helen adds. “Loads of scenes which take the visitor into a host of wild and wonderful stories.”

Basically, it’s about the photographic lie. No, not the photoshopped airbrushing that makes us wonder why all women in the media are a size 6 and have perfect teeth! This is the fun side of photography – the optical illusions that become possible when you translate a three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional photo.

“In the 3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition, children, teenagers, adults and seniors can easily be part of this exciting experience by stepping into the scenes and striking poses for their cameras,” we’re told. “Each scene brings a different story: visitors will ‘communicate’ with the artwork and take on the most important role in this fantasy world. Be creative and interactive, become the director of and the main character in this amazing voyage, as well as part of the artwork itself.”

Perfect for the Instagram generation, a camera is a must-have for this exhibition. It doesn’t matter whether you’re carrying a cutting-edge Canon, an archaic Kodak or simply making use of your mobile, a photographic device is crucial for taking those ‘I-can’t-believe-my-eyes’ snapshots which look so good on social media. And you’d do well to bring a friend or two along, organisers advise: “Some scenes require the presence of at least two people for complete interactivity, so do come both with plenty of storage space on your camera and some company!”

“The exhibition is ideal for groups, and definitely heaven for Instagrammers!” Helen suggests. “It’s all about taking a photo of a real life moment, and getting something completely different on the screen or in print. So there’s a scene where you can take a shot in which it looks like a dinosaur is reaching out of a painting to attack you, another in which it appears as if you’re being actually kicked by Bruce Lee, and a wonderful picture of a girl stepping out of the frame to play the violin just for you.”

A number of the exhibits make use of the floor. There’s a huge hole that will trick viewers into believing they’re about to be sucked into the depths of the earth, another which sees participants desperately clinging to a raft while the Titanic sinks in the background, and a third in which a train is mere metres from a subject tied to the tracks!

“My favourite,” Helen reveals, “is the sofa scene. When you take a photo of someone interacting with this exhibit, it appears as if their body is one side of the sofa from the waist down, and on the other from the waist up. It’s a bit confusing to explain,” she adds with a laugh, “but really incredible to see!”

3D Doubt Your Eyes has previously set up in Dubai, Arizona, Israel, Hawaii, Holland, and the UK in its round-the-world travels. Here in Cyprus, it’s Madisons (the large, pink building next to the Mall and IKEA, now known as the IMC Expo Centre) which will be hosting the exhibition, thanks to a total renovation of the premises.

Perfect for “all ages, especially young people who like to take photos and post them on social media,” the exhibition will run until the end of January – so even if you can’t make the pre-Christmas rush, you’ll have a little light-hearted enjoyment to look forward to during the doldrums of the new year. And if the art of “being creative and acting madly on camera” doesn’t personally appeal, you can always pack the kids off for an hour or two of excitement while you spend a quiet morning in IKEA!


3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition

At Madisons, Nicosia until January 26. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 8pm. Entrance is €9 for adults, €7 for students, €5 per person for school excursions and for kids aged 6 to 12, and free for the under 6s. Tickets are available on the door and from 22 388322 and


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