The Peace Plans 1978 Anglo-American-Canadian PlanSince I and my wife, relatives, friends etc. lost properties, memories and human respect when Turkey occupied Varosha it goes without saying, that I have no sympathy for the Turkish actions in RoC in the past or present.

Unfortunately, Turkey has cleverly used all our mistakes in the past and present to cement their presence in RoC. They have been very clever to utilise our miscalculations and illusions to their advantage. And since we never learn from our past, historical mistakes, we continue down the same disastrous road.

Our side has been very naive and ignorant, both in the past and present and that’s why I’m so critical to the actions or rather lack of actions from our political leaders through the years.

In the case of the Cyprob, we must look back and see what created this present, tragic situation.

That’s why I refer to the misguided dream of Enosis that started in 1955 and ended on July 15th 1974 as the main culprit to the present situation.

The coup of 1974 gave Turkey the perfect opportunity to invade and occupy 37% of RoC.

To deny this fact, is to me political ignorance.

After 1974, we were presented with many opportunities to find a solutions to the Cyprob, like 1978, 2004 and 2017.

We have to accept that a solution will contain many bitter pills, which we have to accept due to the simple fact that we created this mess.

And for every year and lost opportunity, these pills will be even more bitter.

Any alternative to a solution based on compromises, including sharing the natural resources, will in the end lead us to new disaster.

As for the expression “useful idiots”, I think it’s more appropriate to direct them at our politician (together with their supporters), who are the reason for “Turkey”s arrogance and aggressiveness”.
Sensible views on the Cyprob is rarely met with a perceptive attitude.


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