My dear friend (referring to ET, see below) I wholeheartedly wished this was the case.

However, you will soon come to realise that Odysseas is just another part of the establishment and you should not have high hopes in him.

Before you rush to disagree just pause for a second and think how he had previously rushed to “wash” Nik in the cases of Pera Pedi and Ryanair.

Indeed “absolute power corrupts absolutely”… this applies to both men, plus many more.

ET’s response…time will show which of the two was right

He can hide all he likes.

Odysseas Michaelides is on his case and the truth will come out.This is not about a Greek and non Greek argument(the GC haters will take advantage of the situation and will tell us we are all crooks and the “super patriots” will tell us the opposite).

This is a clear case of a man that power has gone to his head.

He gets away with so many things and he is a perfect example of the kind of people that John Dalberg Acton had in mind when he said :” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Auditor launches investigation into presidential jet

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