Students on Thursday skipped school to participate in a mass protest which closed several main roads in Nicosia to demand the abolition of the new four-monthly exam system.

Organised by student group Psem, hundreds of students marched along Athalassas avenue down to the Presidential Palace demanding a say in recent educational reform which saw the introduction of regular exams in the first year of lyceum.

“With today’s mass protest, we are sending a clear message that we want a well-rounded education and not an exam centre,” Yiannis Lapithios head of Psem said in his speech.

The student group also mentioned how the ministry is unwilling to even discuss banning the four-monthly exams or make any changes.

In a written statement, Psem warned that they would continue protesting until the system is changed.

“The school is a space where we develop the basis to become useful to society – not just specialists that lack critical mentality.”

The new exam system was introduced as a pilot-run for first year lyceum students last December.

The avenue of the Presidential Palace remained closed during the protest, while some secondary roads in junction with Strovolos and Athalassa avenue were also affected.




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